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Paet: Eastern Partnership Must Develop into Comprehensive Co-operation


Foreign Minister Urmas Paet emphasized at the annual meeting of the Baltic and German foreign ministers in Palanga today that the Eastern Partnership must provide comprehensive co-operation and maximum support for target countries.

Paet emphasized that the Eastern Partnership must take into account the capability and readiness for reforms of the target countries. The target countries of the Eastern Partnership are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. "The support of the EU, necessary agreements for economic integration, co-operation in energy, security and visa issues are the means through which the Eastern Partnership could be developed," said Paet. "In order to start comprehensive co-operation the establishment of the coordinator should be considered at the European Commission," added Paet.

The Baltic and German foreign ministers discussed, in addition to issues related to the European Union Eastern Partnership, the situations in Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia. The preparations for the European Council session in June, the Treaty of Lisbon and EU institutional questions were also discussed.

Issues concerning Europe's security architecture and co-operation with Russia were also discussed. "Security architecture must be regarded with one voice," Paet said. "Europe has a co-operation format for security issues and it is the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe," added Paet.

The annual meeting of the Baltic and German foreign ministers takes place every year in order to discuss relevant issues. The next meeting will take place in Tallinn in 2010.

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